CENE 3D Printer for Orthopaedic Surgery

Thanks to MD. Nisalak Upho and MD.Korakot Maliwankul from Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Medicine, PSU Hospital who open wider range of applications of our 3D Printer. It is indeed useful for producing  the CT-Scan model for preoperative planning of the orthopaedic surgery.


Wonnatech lic
Invention Hall, PSU, WONNATECH CO., LTD. signed to license 2 patents of CENE researchers, superhydrophobic and superoleophobic coating nanomaterials and methods.

2014 CENE Journal Club

Journal club25July57
25 July, CENE graduates presented their work on Thermochromicnanoparticles for energy saving film and Electrostrictive polymers forenergy harvesting. Besides, CENE people also visited the Excellence Centerof Material Engineering to learn about the Plasma Enhanced Chemical VapourDeposition (PECVD)Technology situated at Faculty of Engineering, PSU.


30 May, a group of lecturers and students from Universitas Negeri Medan visited a section of Atomic Force Microscope measurement, water-repellent surface, electrostrictive test and experienced piezoelectric energy harvesting on a bike and a water flow in CENE

CENE Earth Hour Activity DONE




Please imagine how beautiful it is if these LEDs to be lighted in the dark by CENE energy without using household electricity.
Report on 19 October 2013

CENE and energy harvesting for education

A simple energy conversion system—particularly, the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy has recently been presented. We have designed a simple demonstrator using piezoelectric materials for teaching on energy conversion to science students. Please  click 1  for more info!!



During a 2-week visit, Pierrick Clement, IMS laboratory, Bordeaux1 University, has actively given us a talk on Combined resonance frequency and resistive measurement with a CNT coated piezoelectric cantilever : application to benzene detection. His research collaboration on self-assembly gas sensor with Dr.Chalongrat has still been continued for commercials.


CENE Books & Order

(middle) "Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Materials" edited by Nantakan Muensit, describing from materials to products. (left) "Microsources of energy: piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials" in Thai by Nantakan. (right) "Nanotechnology for the Energy chanllenge" 2nd Edition.    *** Please click at the books for ORDER ***

     nano energy


CENE Scholarships

Research Asistant Scholarship 

(Thais and overseas are welcome)


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