June 2015, Assoc.Prof.Engr.Dr.Yufridin Wahab and Masri Zairi Mohd Zin of Advanced Multidisciplinary MEMS Based Integrated Electronics (AMBIENCE) have given a warm welcome to Dr.Nantakan Muensit and Panu Thainiramit. They have also demonstrated the cleanroom with all kinds of microelectronics facilities.

CENE Workshop : Nanotechnology Solution by Atomic Force Microscope & Scanning Electron Microscope



25 - 26 May 2015. Thanks to the speakers from Coax Group Corp. Ltd., THAILAND for AFM & SEM workshop. The topic is “Nanotechnology Solution by Atomic Force Microscope & Scanning Electron Microscope” presenting the principle, applications and related techniques. Besides, the participants can directly observe their samples by AFM & SEM.

2015 CENE-WU Journal Club : LekoBot 3D-Printer

20/3/15  Thanks to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Wattanapong Kurdthongmee, the School of Engineering and Resource, Walailak University, Nakhonsithammarat for visiting us & demonstrating of the LekoBot 3D-printer as a tool for doing project and research.

CENE Activity : Piezo-polymer Preparation on 12 -13 Mar, 2015

PVDF trainning

CENE activity, How to prepare the Pizoelectric Polymer. The CENE researcher trained the process of Pizo-polymer preparation to the Suranaree University of Technology reasearcher on 12 -13 Mar 2015 for the new applications and extended properties.

IP Fair : Innovation for LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)


27 Feb - 1 Mar 2015, BKK, Impact Muang Thong Tanee Exhibition Hall. CENE presents a prototype of rechargeable power bank that can be further utilized in a field of wireless network & device. Also presented, manufactured O-rings, a promising candidate in commercials.  

2015 Journal Club

IMG 4087

A talk on Functional insulating polymers for the energy conversion by Dr. Jia-wei ZHANG from China and Enery harvesting using the electrostrictive material by Darika JAAOH from CENE.

CENE Books & Order

(middle) "Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Materials" edited by Nantakan Muensit, describing from materials to products. (left) "Microsources of energy: piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials" in Thai by Nantakan. (right) "Nanotechnology for the Energy chanllenge" 2nd Edition.    *** Please click at the books for ORDER ***

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CENE Scholarships

Research Asistant Scholarship 

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