CENE Activity: "Synchrotron Radiation Applications" Workshop, 25 August 2016

1st-CENE Synchrotron-25Aus2016

Thanks to the Synchrotron researchers, the workshop was lectured by specialist having a highly skill in a specific technique based on Radiation Applications. This activity was joined by outside participants and PSU staffs. 70 paticipants, the lecturers, graduated students and students are very interested in this workshop and also write the research proposal for Synchrotron support.

Development of the research into commercial by the SME Wonnatech.

 The first spin out of the CENE, the surface coating research.

The 1st/2016 - Cene Journal Club on 30 May 2016


Prof. John Briggs from Fraunhofer
ISE (https://www.ise.fraunhofer.de/en/about-us/ueber-uns) visited CENE on 30 May and has paid a lot of attention on our vibration energy harvesting, surface coating, electrospinning fiber.

CENE Books & Order

(middle) "Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Materials" edited by Nantakan Muensit, describing from materials to products. (left) "Microsources of energy: piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials" in Thai by Nantakan. (right) "Nanotechnology for the Energy chanllenge" 2nd Edition.    *** Please click at the books for ORDER ***

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